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The contacts that designers retrieve through Designday often lead to beautiful assignments. This is captured in a new series of stories: Designday stories. This time about Paul Koenen. Read more >>



Limburg Design Award for Formafantasma

With two dreaded opponents, Studio Drift and Overtreders W, it was studio Formafantasma that won the Limburg Design Award 2017. The prize is an initiative of the Municipality of Roermond and is presented every two years in the Cuypershuis. The prize if for the best (inter) nationally active designer who also has a relationship with the interior designs of architect Pierre Cuypers, born and deceased in this city. Also the Harrie Tillieprijs was awarded. The former curator of the Stedelijk Museum Roermond has dedicated himself to provide young, talented artists with a platform. The winner is a great promise: studio Sabine Marcelis. Hester Coolen, founder of Designday, was one of three scouts for this award. The work of the winners and nominees is on show till February 25 2018. cuypershuis



Early designbirds attention please!

Designers, academies, design studios, and recently graduated ‘Jonge Honden’: who sign up before January 1, 2018, receive 10% discount. Designday rewards these early designbirds with extra attention and exposure. All other participants: the registration closes on April 6, 2018 (week 14) at 00.00 hours!

Be part of Designday 2018
Designday celebrates it’s thirteenth edition. The design platform has become a well-known and well-attended popular event that has proven tot be an ideal springboard to more success for a lot of creatives. As a designer, you want to be part of it!
Designday promises to create a vibrant festive atmosphere from 25-27 May 2018. With both surprising new activities and the famous highlights: the opening dinner for networking designers, inspirational lectures and workshops, prospective TrendTours, the Designers for Design auction, and of course the pop-up design city itself.
This mini-city temporarily descends in the Decorfabriek in the heart of Maastricht. It is thé meeting place for designers and their design-loving audience. Here, self-manufacturing creatives bring their products to the attention, from handmade furniture and slow-fashion to tattooed washbasins. You can join, starting from € 315!

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Assignment for Design Award ‘Made for Maastricht’ 2018

Designday organises the Design Award’ Made for Maastricht’ in collaboration with MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design) and the municipality of Maastricht. This annual competition has been made available by the city of Maastricht, and fits in with the economic vision’ Made in Maastricht’: the ambition to offer the creative manufacturing industry in the city new impulses.

On a smaller scale, there is a great deal to be gained in terms of quality of life in the urban environment. For example, litter and dog faeces is a thorn in the eye for many citizens and governments, and cleaning up the city is expensive. Designers can aid in this situation. Read the full assignment >> 



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New additions to our team

We are proud to introduce: Nina Simons. Our team >>


We are currently working on an extended designer database. This is an overview full of guaranteed quality designers, their designs and their personal data.