Visit to Dutch Design Week

We start our new program with a visit to the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

The event originates from the graduation exhibition ‘Graduation Show’ of the Design Academy Eindhoven, and has experienced enormous growth since its first edition in 2002. Last year, this nine-day event attracted 355,000 visitors from all over the world.

The entire city is imbued with design for nine days, and with more than 450 participating locations, the Design Rides are no superfluous luxury. They commute free of charge between the locations during opening hours.

In our planning it’s actually a little too early, but we’re going there anyway.

More information about the first design trip with Designday can be found here.


We are back

After a year of radio silence, Designday picks up the thread again. We are going to do it differently. 

Designday was the place where you could meet the designer, who is also the maker. That starting point remains the same. But instead of one big event a year, we are going to organize several smaller events a year.

In the coming weeks and months we will be working steadily on the further development of our new programme. We are also going to build a new site. An important part of that site will be a calendar, a calendar of what we are going to do. We have 5 program lines, which will rotate.

A number of things are old acquaintances: the dinner, the design auction and the design route. They won’t come back in their original form; we’ve changed things around a bit to fit the new concept. We are also adding some new lines: a ‘Chambres des amis’, and a number of trips to major exhibitions and design fairs. More information on this will follow later.


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Maastricht Design route

Did you know that in Maastricht you can taste design all year round and not only during Designday? Maastricht has many beautiful design shops where you can watch, buy and drink a delicious cup of coffee. Designday has created a short design route of a number of shops for you. So…. Take a look at the design before, after or during Designday. The map can still be found here, so open it and be surprised in Maastricht. Have fun!

This program part was developed in 2018, but the route is still to walk in the center of Maastricht.