Complete your registration

When your registration as a participant has been approved by the balloting committee, we will send you the contract. Return this signed contract to us as an attachment in an email. Also add your material for publication. Tip: You can send the publication files to yourself via WEtransfer and send the WEtransfer link to the material to us in the mail with the contract. Send it to and This combined with the payment will make your registration complete. You will receive the invoice upon receipt of the signed contract.


Material for publication

We ask you to send your material for publications immediately upon completion of your registration, as this will help us put you in the spotlight.

We make a selection out of the images that you send for the various publication purposes. We may edit your images for publication.

_ 3 High Res product photos
_ 1 High Res photo in which you are working

When submitting your images, please take into account:
_ at least 95x95mm/300dpi
_ No composed images!
Do not expel e. g. shoulder straps, table legs, etc. we want a complete product
_ Product may be released (does not need to be)

_ company name
_ name designer (s)
_ discipline
_ url
_ links to your various social media
_place of residence

_ What makes your designs unique/what is your vision? (max 80 words)
_ Which (new) designs are you going to show? (max 80 words)

Do you have any doubts about the images? Mail/belly feel free to contact Andrea, they determine which image is suitable for the guide. (She can give you tips if necessary).
t. 06 25154013


stand presentation plan

You agreed, in the contract, to submit a presentation plan to the organisation of Designday. This plan will needs to be sent to by 20 April 2018 at the latest. We have to approve your plan. When you receive advice from us, we ask you to change your plan and send it to us again. We give advice based on technical, safety and aesthetic reasons.


Stand construction guidelines

It is not allowed to erect walls higher than 1.50 meter (leaving viewing lines intact). Major advertisements such as signs, banners and billboards are not permitted. The organisation takes care of a uniform singing for all participants.
As far as possible, power cables should be routed away and otherwise taped to the floor.
The site for participants is bare. The participant must shape, build and dress his own stand. There are no tables or displays available. Materials such as extension cords, plug-in sockets & tools are not provided by the organization.
The frames of your stand are indicated on the floor with white tape.

All tape, stickers, stickers, adhesive letters on walls and floor must be removed after the event.


Declaratie voor ontwerpers

You can make declaration with this form to Platvorm, organiser of Designday. Declarations of payments that visitors made to use for one of your designs.


build up/deassembly

Build up by participants can be done during:
Wednesday 23/5 from 10.00 – 17.00 hours
Thursday 24/5 from 10.00 – 17.00 hours
Friday 25/5 from 10.00 – 14.00 hours

At 14.00 hrs we will walk a round over the floor for control on Friday. Everything must then be built up.

From 17.00 hrs only participants and other dinner guests are allowed to be present at the location.

Deassembly from:
Sunday 27/5 from 18.00 – 21.00 hours, cars may only be inside from 18.30 hrs.
Monday 28/5 from 10.00 – 17.00 hours
Tuesday 29/5 from 10.00 – 14.00 hours

After unloading you need to park your cars & buses behind the building. Make sure you provide your transport with a name tag. The organisation shall provide them upon entry.


Practical information

The stand must be manned throughout the entire event.

The organisation provides an over-all layout of the exhibition floor using IBCs, (International Bulc Containers) as large illuminated units. Together with the lighting of the room itself, this forms the basic lighting. Any additional lighting should be placed by the participant.

As a participant you can also order additional dinner couverts for the opening dinner for partners and interns through for €45,00 per person ex VAT.

The organisation strives to produce as little waste as possible during the event and therefore expressly calls on all participants to participate in waste separation on the floor. Separate containers are available for the paper, glass and plastic fractions.