Het Parcours 2017

The opening of the cultural season in Maastricht, Het Parcours, takes place on Sunday 10 September. For this occasion, Designday has invited designer and chef Cas Driessen to curate a pop-up event. He presents a culinary performance on a bed of design. 

Please note! There is only space for 2 lucky ones each hour to enjoy the complete culinary performance. You can express your interest for this at our stand on Mosae Forum during Het Parcours.




designer and chef

“I am developing a progressive gastronomic philosophy due to the combination of my experiences as independent cook and designer. I merge the sensoric taste experience, the practical application and conceptual thinking. By bringing people in contact with a new social way of Dutch gastronomy at Parcours, I want to draw attention to the importance of sharing of food and culture. I composed this using my own designs and that of other designers.”


PArticipating designers

Cas Driessen


The breaking of bread and the sharing of food is a symbol of connection for people all over the world, which demonstrates the social nature of men. ‘Heritage’ enriches the culinary experience with artifacts that amplify the interaction between table companions. This increases the awareness of our special, multicultural and social culinary heritage.



Hendrik Jan Soet

“My two aunt’s lives revolve around maintaining the vegetable garden of my late grandparents. They join the rhythm of the seasons and provide in their own necessities. I want to bring an ode to my aunts and their garden by simplifying the way of cultivating seeds using only materials from the immediate vicinity of their village.”



Iris Claessens

My mother’s nature

“Van jongs af aan verzamelde ik alles wat ik om me heen vond waaronder bloemen, bessen en insecten. Aan deze vondsten zitten herinneringen gekoppeld. De wereld waarin ik nu verzamel is dezelfde als vroeger, toch lijkt dit niet zo. Ik besef nu pas hoe kwetsbaar we zijn als mens. Deze fragiliteit van het leven leg ik vast in mijn werk.”



Riccardo Belli

Riccardo Belli argues that both emotion and functionality are of equal importance in design. He believes that design can broaden our horizons in emotion, poetic, experimental and functional terms. Besides his keen interest in food related product design, he is also creates 3d digital visualizations for various companies ranging from hospitality to jewellery design.



Miriam Harig


We are living in a world of flux. Circumstances are changing constantly – another living condition, a different need. Products are there to use. This is why DIN X is always adjusting to spatial structure and needs of the user. Like a DIN paper with X possibilities. You don’t throw your furniture away. You (re)arrange it, change it to your individual needs. There are endless possibilities to explore.



Marleen Boot

Furni fu ture collectie

Being tired of the low quality, cheap and temporary products that we surround ourselves with nowadays, Marleen created this collection. A table, chairs and a tableware set that will last and survive longer than a generation. To assure this to customers she gives 100 year guarantee on these products. As a result, her product are 100% transparent, using 100% renewable Dutch materials.



Karlijn Krijger

Investigation 8

Investigation 8 is the research for the development of design system 8. This system uses only one pattern and is based on a zero-waste principle. The interests of the user, its function and the setting in which it will be worn are taken into account. Especially for the Parcours a new piece has been designed.


photo Maite de Lorenzo Bollen, make-up & hair Marly van den Bosch, model Eefke de Wouw




Behind BARNAluz vinos is an enthusiastic team that imports and sells wines on a small scale. BARNAluz has been the wine supplier of Designday for several years now. Individuals can also contact us for affordable quality wines. We import them directly from Catalunya and the Southern Côtes du Rhône.



Daily Fresh Food

Daily Fresh Food is convinced that nutritious food is an ideal basis for a vital life. Craftsmanship has been important ever since 1936. We guarantee the best ingredients in cooperation with our network of suppliers. Daily Fresh Food is total supplier in vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. We deliver custom work thanks to our knowledge of hospitality and gastronomy. Better food, better life.









‘t Wycker Cabinet



Puur Aroma