We are skipping a year. it is therefore not possible to sign up for the upcoming edition.

Are you interested in collaborating? send an email to info@designday.nl



To apply as a participant, please send an email to info@designday.nl with the following information:
• name of designer/studio/collective
• address
• website
• e-mail address
• phone number
• at least five photos (JPG format) of designs or sketches that will be ready by May 2018 and a brief description of the work to be presented during Designday.



All applications will be reviewed by the Designday selection committee. The committee will notify all applicants by e-mail of their registration status.


Final registration

Once your registration as a participant has been approved by the selection committee, you need to return a signed contract. You must send us your (image) material for communication and publication. This together with the payment will make your registration complete.

More practical information for participants >>>



Deadline early bird discount of 10% at base rates: you need to have send all the information for selection to info@designday.nl at 31 December 2017 latest.

Last registration deadline: 20 April 2018

Images and other material for communication and publication must be sent immediately after registration. More info >>

Deadline sending presentation plan: 20 April 2018
When you participate in Designday, you must also submit a presentation plan of your stand on Designday to us for approval. More info >>



All our rates are excluding dinner costs and 21% VAT. €35.00 ex 6% VAT per designer will be added for the opening dinner.

Regular stand: 25 m2 for designers €560,00 ex dinner/VAT

Small stand: 14 m2 for designers €315,00 ex dinner /VAT

Young Ones: 10 m2 for designers who graduated last year €175,00 ex dinner/VAT

Schools: 50m2 for design education €1100.00 ex dinner/VAT

Collectives: You can also register with several participants. In addition to the chosen basic rate, there will then be an additional charge of € 100, – for each additional participant ex diner/BTW. For each additional participant, 5 metres will be made available. The condition is that all members of that collective register at the same time; it is therefore not possible to join an existing registration at a later date. Collective registrations are considered as one registration and are communicated as such in our communication and in publications.

Additional place settings for the opening dinner for partners can be ordered for €45,00 per room ex VAT.


design disciplines

The following design disciplines are displayed on Designday:
_product design
_furniture design
_lighting design
_ceramic/porcelain design
_textile design
_jewellery design
_fashion design
_interior design

The organisation strives for a relevant, broad and balanced offer on the exhibition floor.


participant criteria

_Self-employed designers who are professionally involved in the field of design, with a completed training in design.
_Designers & design agencies (including temporary collectives, provided that they have been notified together), who are in control of the execution of their designs.
_Design/interior courses (minimum HBO level).
_Design-related cultural institutions and businesses.
_Companies, in so far as active in the development of new technologies & materials that are interesting for designers.
_Young Ones: designers who are following a design course or graduated less than 1 year ago.


work criteria

Only work meeting the following criteria is eligible for Designday:
_In the work shown, good design and good use of technology come together.
_The displayed designs have a susatainable character and is original (not copied, new angles of view, applications or special material use).
_The work shown has a practical use function and is saleable.
_The work shown is current (max. 5 years old).
_The work shown has been applied and is not autonomous.
_The work is physically present during Designday.
_The designer has a physical e/o social involvement in the production of the product.



Attendance at the opening evening and all event days is compulsory. See our “Terms & Conditions” for all terms and conditions.


For more information, please contact Hester Coolen >
+31 (0)43 3637729
+31 (0)6 30030514