Het parcours 2017

The opening of the cultural season in Maastricht, Het Parcours, takes place on Sunday 10 September. For this occasion, Designday has invited designer and chef Cas Driessen to curate a pop-up event. He presents a culinary performance on a bed of design.  read more >>


Walk a round of design

Designday is of course a good weekend to surround yourself with design. But are you aware that Maastricht offers design your-round? Designday has compiled a short design route especially for you and passes different design stores in the city center. So… walk a round of design before, during or after Designday. Be amazed: it is worth it!

Participants Designroute 2017: Conflict DesignmarketStudio Çedille DesignNolabelSCOOP storeFestenLena Berens, Milan PalmaVintage de luxe, Koffie & Le Marais DeuxFurniture café en de Bijenkorf


Designer@work with MAFAD alumni at Bijenkorf

Alumni of MAFAD (Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts & Design) will present their work at Bijenkorf Maastricht in anticipation of Designday. And that is not all, visitors of Bijenkorf can see the young designers at work. An approachable way to get acquainted with the work of the designers and how they create and design.

The second designer@work takes place on 13 and 14 May 2017. Again alumni of MAFAD will show their designs and you can see them working as well. Alumni Imke van Boekhold, Moniek Vierling, Ilona Simons en Ritchie van Daal zullen gladly share their story with you.

Imke Boekhold stitched a herbarium using polyester and cotton yarn while seated behind a sewing machine. The herbarium creates the illusion of a collection of actually dried plants.

Moniek Vierling graduated with her collection ‘The Little Ones’ in 2015. This collection is structured from her fascination for visual changes of beetles. She works with different types of materials that give an abstract image of the beetle in her collection, within the theme of impressing and camouflage.

Ilona Simons has been inspired by men’s clothing choices for years now. Everyone has and searches for his own style. Her collection is a mixture of two styles and it not meant to be fashionable, but to allow men to express themselves as masculine and contemporary men.

Ritchie van Daal focuses especially on the design and production of complicated objects, often with a complex mechanical twist. These twists are not necessarily functional. He calls them ‘non products’ or ‘fun products’.

One of the participants in the weekend of April is Riccardo Belli. A designer from Maastricht with Italian roots. He works at the intersection of design and food. Riccardo has worked with avant-garde chefs like Hans van Wolde (Beluga) to get inspired in the creation of food related designs. He also designs interior products in which form and function are combined in a special manner.

Wendy Huis presents her brand ‘Little Trophy’ for the first time during Designer@work in April. She creates quality scarves by hand. The colours are added by digital print, so no paint is going to waste.  The theme of Wendy’s first collection is ‘Story of Holland’. It is amongst others inspired by stippling from Staphorst and picturesque estates. The scarves symbolise experiences and the dreams you bring into your future.



Many Designday participants on show in ‘Showroom Limburg’

The exhibition ‘Showroom Limburg’ shows 50 designs that portray a current image of the creative industries in the province of Limburg. It is on show from 16 February 2017 at Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade. Many designs in the exhibitions are made by designers that have participated in Designday: Daan de Haan, Diederik Schneemann, Dik Scheepers, Dirk Ploos van Amstel, Françoise Oostwegel, Paul Gorissen en Matthijs de Ponti (GorissendePonti), Jo Schoenmakers en Marjo de Vries (JAS/MV), Ronald Meijs, Marjan Eggels, Riccardo Belli, Patrick Kusters.

The province of Limburg is regarded broadly: design developed by designers from Limburg, either living or working.But designs are also shown that have been commissioned by known or less known companiesfrom the province. The exhibition offers insight into current and boarder transcending trends in design. It also shows the wide range of the design secotr. From an ostomy shower to 3D printed cutlery, from a pram to a pendant light. A multiplicity of types of design is represented: industrial design, furniture, glass, jewellery, ceramics, food, mobility, experimental and combinations of the previous. All designs are three dimensional comsumer products.



Elisabeth Strouven Fund

The Elisabeth Strouven Fund has furnished its new Maastricht office at the Abtstraat with designs of Maastricht makers in the spring of 2016. The Fund has purchased several designs, but has also adopted designs in an ongoing sales exhibition. A rotation model has been set up for this. Hester Coolen, main initiator of Designday, has the role of curator in this project.



Made in Maastricht

The city of Maastricht has introduced a new design label in the spring of 2015 ‘Made in Maastricht’. This label in launched to stimulate a more favourable economic climate for local designers and creators.. A three-man committee is responsible for the selection of the designers. Designday is closely involved with these developments


Workshops voor ontwerpers

Designday supports The Artist and The Others in the workshop series ‘Mastering the Design Market’. Designers are actively supported to work on their skills as a business professional. Hester Coolen of Designday is part of the professional jury that judges the portfolios critically in the final workshop.




For our 10th edition in 2015, Bijenkorf Maastricht decorated its windows with designs from our participants for the first time. This collaboration continued later that year with an interactive series of presentations called ‘designer@work’. In these presentations, selected designers are at work amongst the shopping crowd. These series are now recurring every three months.



Cuypershuis Roermond

Craftsmanship, conviction and ambition are but a few common factors between Designday and the Cuypershuis in Roermond. This is the previous home of known architect Pierre Cuypers. The collaboration between the two has developed quite naturally.