Waste Drum

Laurens Beijer

Musician Laurens Beijer opens and closes the event Designday with a Waste Drumsolo; and also closes it on Sundays. He manufactures his waste drum kit, which fits the Recycle theme, from materials found on site, such as rusty scrap. In addition, in his home town of Utrecht he hunted for scrap, radiators and washing machine drums that could add to the musical spectacle.

His drum solo is also a nod to the frequent sampling of music Рwith recycled versions from James Brown to Andr̩ Rieu.

Beijer comes from a musical family; his parents play in an ensemble specialising in Baroque music. And he and his brothers played various musical instruments from an early age. His brothers have gone in the classical direction, Laurens is odd one out who creates lighter music.

Beijer studied Music Production & Performance at the HKU in Utrecht and is a drummer with a preference for hip-hop, but also a composer, music producer and music technician. However, he plays bass with the band Oud Schuim (Old Foam). This summer the band releases an EP and will play at the Wonderfeel festival (20 to 22 July 2018).

Waste Drum by Laurens Beijer, from 25 to 27 May:
Opening night 25 May around 17:00h
Saturday 28 May around 10:45h
and Sunday closing at 17.45h


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