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First Made for Maastricht Design Award will be realised in Tapijn area

A home for bats on a long pole. That is the best way to descibe the Batpole. ‘When a building is inhabited by bats and that building needs to be demolished or rebuilt, the bats should not be just easily chased away. Bats are an endangered species. The animals get a new home by placing a Batpole. This way construction on the building can continue,’ says designer Robin van Hontem. Together with Daniel Meier and Janicke Kernland, he won the first Made for Maastricht Design Award in 2016 for Batpole. The award was handed out on the opening night of Designday by mayor Annemarie Penn-te Strake of Maastricht.

In the meantime, the municipality of Maastricht has found a place for the Batpole: the Tapijn area. This is a former barracks area which is completely restructured. Some of the former military buildings become part of the University of Maastricht, others are demolished.

‘The area will become part of the city park, which makes it the last link of the green zone inbetween Jekerdal and the Maas. The objective of the area is to enhance social meetings between students and inhabitants of Maastricht. It will include a food, education and play zone with a food forrest and biological gardening. The area is the ideal environment for bats, with lots of green, high trees, with sun and shade. Three types of species live in this area. The eight meter high Batpole if the eyecatcher that embodies the amount of flora and fauna that this part of the city has to offer’, says project manager Tima vand er Linden. The contract for realising the design will commence in the end of February. Van der Linden expects that the Batpole can be admired in the northern part of the park next spring. It will be placed next to the footh path at the Jeker. Also some of the other submissions of the Made for Maastricht Design Award might get a spot in the park, like the Egloo, a home for hedgehogs, and the design of a wooden wheels which is suitable as nesting space for kingfishers.’

The winners of the second Made for Maastricht Design Award will be announced on the opening night of Designday on Friday 19 May. You can submit your design until 14 April 2017. More information >>

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