Workshop Centre Céramique and Vormstof

Mosa Fabrica II
It could not be more suiting: in the Decorfabriek, after all the former factory of Mosa Porselein Maastricht, Centre Céramique will show a taste of the exhibition Mosa Fabrica II, which it opened in its own house in December 2018.
Senior curator of Cultural Heritage and archaeologist Wim Dijkman of Centre Céramique offers a preview especially for Designday with special pieces of Mosa porcelain. These works are of the extensive collection of no less than 10,000 porcelain and plate pieces that the ardent Mosa Collectionist Henk van Buren from Hardinxveld-Giessendam donated to Centre Céramique just before his death in 2009. It is the successor to the first exhibition: Mosa Fabrica I with a representative overview of the 1883-2004 collection.

Workshop with The Bird
Centre Céramique and Vormstof have a common goal: to put the underexposed intangible heritage of porcelain back into the limelight. Designday offers them a platform for this. The workshop that Vormstof has developed suits this goal. The founders of Vormstof, Jo Schoenmakers and Marjo de Vries, have also been inspired by the designs of Edmond Bellefroid for years in their own work. Especially the iconic’ The Bird’. The Maastricht visual artist and designer, most famous in the fifties, made this legendary ceramic bird in the time that he was at the head of the Mosa design team that flourished then. The work, from the depot of Centre Céramique, comes to life as a kind of muse in two Designday workshops renewed.

Because the bird’s templates are no longer available, Vormstof had the model 3D printed based on measurements of the bird. This allowed them to manufacture the plaster cast parts themselves, based on geometric and organic basic shapes. Bellefroid 2.0 therefore. This will allow participants in design teams – think of the councillor of Culture with an architecture, fashion or design student at an academy – to literally stand with their hands in the clay. Participants are thus creating an actual variant of the bird that breathes new life into the porcelain as a heritage of Maastricht. These contemporary interpretations will later be exhibited in Centre Céramique.

Wim Dijkman shows, in line with the theme of Designday: ‘The Beauty of Waste’, a selection of excavated ‘mismades’. Ceramics in which the baking process went a bit wrong. In the space of seven thousand years, many of these wreaks have disappeared under the ground of Maastricht as waste. As a treasure hunter, Dijkman takes the misfits above ground level and shows them like Beauty’s in all their unusual and crazy deformations in specially designed round showcases.

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